This package is specifically designed to take seasoned businesses and turn them into competitive suppliers that can penetrate any market globally. If globalization, localization, and 4IR is the vocabulary within your organization, this package is for you. We entirely focus on niche markets that you are eying. We walk with you as we present your organization with tools and systems that will give you that competitive edge over your competitors.

Does your organization have a Business Growth Strategy?

Develop an effective Business Growth Strategy that will position your company as a competing business against your competitors.

We will equip your managers and other key personnel with the skills and tools to always apply in the operations of your company. Many organizations falter by thinking that “strategy” should be left for the executives to steer the organizational goals. At Buletu we instill a different culture where every single resource in your organization will know their value add to the strategy of the company.

How to implement your strategic elements without losing focus

Medium and large organizations tend to lose focus whenever they are in the middle of a “current strategy” implementation. This is often driven by the lack of confidence to the personnel/consultant who developed and imposed the strategic ideas into these organizations. Buletu’s interventions are uniquely built to let you drive implementation of the strategy elements you co-developed.

“Short-Term Pain For Long-Term Gain With a winning strategy by Buletu”

The market competitor report that speaks to your organization

We go the extra mile and bring you a competitor dashboard view and how well-positioned they are against you. 

Allow us to identify opportunities that you are currently not pursuing. We will present three to five market opportunities for you to grab and grow your company’s review. Business is about hunger and growth, and with this package, you are guaranteed it.

What will your key personnel brag about?

We will provide your key personnel with bragging rights when success hits your door. 

Our Design Thinking and Strategy Development workshop will be a sweetener to all other value added services you will have received

What a Coach and Mentor means to your success

We provide you with a Business Coach to guide you on those blind spots your “rearview mirrors” are unable to spot. Our seasoned coaches and mentors will provide you with trends and market-related data that will forever position your organization in a better position to flourish.

How to effectively use your package:

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