Do you have a concept or matured business idea and/or plan? Bring us on board to conduct a feasibility study for your project to ascertain its viability.

Why do we conduct feasibility studies?

Many start-up businesses are established on “concepts” or “ideas” that an entrepreneur or partners have. Some may be tried and tested ideas, whereas some may be an innovation. 

The question is “Do you have a market to turn it into an economic benefit”? “Will this be sustainable and long-term”? Organisations and government agencies such as SEDA offers free services to assist with most of the fundamentals, but you as an entrepreneur need to conduct a thorough feasibility study to validate your concept. 

This will result in your idea being proven viable and enable you to do direct capital investment, approach Development Funding Institutions (e.g. NEF, IDC, Khula, etc.) or any private funders/investors into your business.

What are the key elements we investigate to determine viability of a project OR business concept?

  • Geographical Location of your business/project. 
  • Which market segments are you targeting and who are your primary and secondary clients?
  • Competition, what is your niche and why should clients come to you?

The value add we bring to your business at this stage

We have a pool of resources to provide guidance into various market segments in the sectors we serve. Our focus is within this industries, where we have excellent track record and exposure:

  • Mining and Minerals Processing

We have completed multiple projects that we developed to bankable stages for a variety of mineral resources. We have also advised some of the start-ups on further work that needed to be investigated before they make any investments into projects that were not viable.

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing landscape of South Africa is broader and poses opportunities as well as high risk for new entrants/participants. We have conducted feasibility studies for clients who had plans to manufacture mechanical components and associated products. And through our experience with sectors such as manufacturers of valves, pumps, fasteners, conveyor components to mention but a few, you are assured our guidance will provide you with the solution you require.

  • Construction

We are experts in production of construction materials, such as aggregate, ballast, cement and waste recycling.  Come with your quarry or potential site, and we will assist you turn it into a viable business solution.

  • Energy/Power

We have a team comprising personnel which amasses experience in the Power/Energy Sector, be it Generation, Transmission, Distribution and associated industries. Any project you are intending to pursue for Eskom, City Power and others, we are your one stop solution.

Package Include the following:

  • Unlimited consultation hours until project completion
  • Fixed hourly rates at R365.50 (inclusive)
  • Full report at a fixed fee of R9 800.00 for small projects and R22 500.00 for large-scale projects
  • Market and off-take negotiations


  • Cost reimbursable items
  • Specialised skills

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