Local Content Mining Package

In September 2018, the Department of Mineral Resources issued the Broad-Based Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the Mining Industry (Mining Charter #3) which were subsequently followed by its guidelines promulgated in December 2018. Both the charter and its guidelines affirms the SABS as an agency to carry out local content verifications.

Do you have in-house expertise to meet your organizational obligations?

We do NOT only make you comply with Mining Charter #3, RATHER we make you a
valuable contributor to the South African Incorporated (SA Inc.)……………..WITH PRIDE.

How to meet your local content obligations

Mining houses are obligated to spend at least 70% of their procurement on South African manufactured goods. In terms of the definitions of the charter, South African manufactured goods refers to goods with a minimum of 60% local content during the assembly of manufacturing of the product in South Africa Do you have the knowledge and competencies in-house to prepare and complete all
documentation? Will this be uditable and satisfy the SABS’s LC Verification requirements? We are your “one stop shop” to provide a solution to package and prepare your rganization for any verification.

“Mining house report execellent achievements on their Local Content obligations”

Are you able to report effectively on your local content imperatives?

Most suppliers of mining products, equipment and services are NOT as informed when it comes to the Designated Sector requirements as legislated by the South African government. This makes reporting a “nightmare” for both supplier and the procuring mine. We bring a combined 13 years’ experience of Designated Sector reporting gained in the Public Sector space to your door. Our expertise include having worked closely with the Department of Trade and Industry, National Treasury and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) It may look minor at face value, but may have serious ramifications in the future. What you do about it now, and how you do it, may save your company and strengthen relationships.
We call it Supplier Relationship Management and excellent Stakeholder Management


Package benefits include the following:

1. Advisory service on how to prepare for
the SABS Verification Process/Cycle.
2. Present key elements to focus on when
3. Provide relevant insights pertaining
to your procurement processes
4. Advise your Procurement
Practitioners on compliance aspects
5. Assess your completed report before
submission to the DMRE

**Service limited to four (4) hours, split into
two sessions
** Package amount only valid for services
rendered at our offices

Package benefits include the following:

1. Assessment of your key suppliers:
Manufacturers & Service Providers
2. Review in-house compliance
documents and compile reports
3. Advisory service relating to all your
Local Content needs.
4. Training of company personnel on
Designation & Local Content
5. Conduct Workshop OR Supplier
Forum on compliance for your
6. We become your permanent
outsource for all Local Content

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