Our suite of advisory services entails some of the following primary packages.

We also offer Exclusive Packages to seasoned and strategic partners. Details upon request.


The entry level package that rouses activity or energy in EMEs and QSEs that want to unlock existing opportunities in State Entities (Municipalities, SOEs, Government).

Many businesses offer services and products that are also utilized by the South African SOEs. SOEs are implementers of economic policies that are meant to drive economic transformation amongst others. 

Is your business positioned to enter into this space, but struggling to put things together? Invite a “Business Coach” to your premises, we will get you started as a matter of urgency.


This package is specifically designed to take seasoned businesses and turn them into competitive suppliers that can penetrate any market globally. If globalization, localization and 4IR is the vocabulary within your organization, this package is for you. We entirely focus on niche markets that you are eying. 

We walk with you as we present your organization with tools and systems that will give you that competitive edge over your competitors. We present bigger opportunities for revenue enhancement.


This package is specifically developed to assist businesses that want to compete in this economically challenging era. If you classify your business as a “Competitive Supplier” then this package is your deal-breaker. Allow us the opportunity to delve into your space and prepare you to unleash that potential and avoid those minor mistakes that make you fail tenders. 

Never be fooled or apologetic to be a “tenderpreneur”, big corporates thrive and survive on tenders.


This package is designed to help your business start a month with clear goals and objectives. Book your slot and take advantage of the small fee for the value of this session.

  • Know your State Owned Enterprises and how they procure products & services. We unpack them to you.
  • Know the regulations and legislation that govern them when procuring. We select the most critical for you to always remember.

This package is specifically designed to assist contracted suppliers of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that have committed obligations towards Supplier Development & Localisation (SD&L). Often contractors either do not have a clearer understanding of what this obligations are, or contractors do not have the in-house know how to compile and report to the client. This may lead to penalties or retentions up to approximately 2.5% of the contract value (CV). 

As a supplier you wouldn’t want to face a non-compliance and we are here with our firsthand knowledge to assist you.


Do you have a concept or matured business idea and/or plan? Bring us on board to conduct a feasibility study for your project to ascertain its viability.

Our focus is within this industries, where we have an excellent track record and exposure:

  • Mining and Minerals Processing
  • Energy/Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Agro-Processing

For appointments and bookings contact our office

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