The entry-level package that rouses activity or energy in EMEs and QSEs that want to unlock existing opportunities in State Entities (Municipalities, SOEs, Government).

Business Advisory Packages

Our business advisory packages are tailor-made to address the needs of all businesses across the globe. We have structured them to suit any business, be it a start-up, emerging, large and multi-nationals aspiring to do or expand their businesses in South Africa and surroundings

Why it is easy to do business with State-Owned Entities (SOEs)

  • Many businesses offer services and products that are also utilized by the South African SOEs. SOEs are implementers of economic policies that are meant to drive economic transformation amongst others. Is your business positioned to enter into this space, but struggling to put things together? Invite a “Business Coach” to your premises, we will get you started as a matter of urgency.

Common challenges faced by distributors and agents of manufactured goods

Is your business positioned appropriately in the supply value chain? Is the operational structure of your business sustainable? Can you commit to your client’s product lead and delivery timelines without any worries? If you answered “no” to one or any of the questions, then your business strategy needs to be examined by a “Strategy Guru” or your business risks a chance of not growing an inch in the next 12 months

Package Include the following:

  • Step by step guide to conducting business with State-Owned Entities
  • A maximum of 6 hours of office consultation (Maximum of 2hrs/session) – Valid for 3 months
  • Free Sample of a Market Research Report


  • ** Excludes cost-reimbursable such as travel and accommodation

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