This package is specifically developed to assist businesses that want to compete in this economically challenging era. If you classify your business as a “Competitive Supplier” then this package is your deal-breaker. Allow us the opportunity to delve into your space and prepare you to unleash that potential and avoid those minor mistakes that make you fail tenders.

Why tenders exist – Public & Private sectors

Tenders have been in existence for many decades in both the public and private sectors. Never be fooled or apologetic to be a “tenderpreneur”, big corporates thrive and survive on tenders. This is a global practice and is not going to fade anytime soon. The days of being innovative, making proposals and getting contracts are over. Every decision-maker in both public and private sectors will like your proposal, but will eventually refer you to a bid/tender process.

Do’s and Don’ts of tenders (Ethical v/s Unethical Practices)

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are unable to draw a line between what’s unethical and ethical in their business dealings. In this section, we highlight common mistakes committed that halts deals and relationships.

As a growing business, you would always want to maintain healthy relationships, especially with State-Owned Entities and avert a risk of being blacklisted.

“Competitive suppliers awarded contracts in the power sector”

How to competently complete responsive tenders

Have you been submitting tenders and never get awarded a single contract or purchase order? Do you always chase time and due dates when completing tenders? Is your office equipped with competent personnel to deal with complex tenders? Have you abandoned a tender because you felt the requirements are just too much? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions, then you need a “Tender Master” to come and assess your approach on how you compile tender documents 

What value add does our intervention bring?

We provide you with insights of what a Bid Adjudication/Evaluation Team is looking for when they receive your submission. This is done by subject matter experts who have over 10 years of adjudicating bids in SOEs. We either take you through the journey until you master the art, or you let us do it for you all the way, as your strategic resource.

What kind of opportunities exist for your business? And where and how to find them…………..

Share with us your business profile and outline services/products you offer and we will provide you with insights and leads for you to follow and get that master door open.

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