What is ILE™

“Hosted by Ngwako Lelope, the Subject Matter Expert himself in the field of Industrialisation & Localisation. This platform focuses on stories relating to the creation, development, and sustainability of industries he passionately serves. The stories captured showcase industrialization and localization in the mainstream economies and advanced technologies”

Why we do this

  • To capture real stories as experienced by industry and various sectors of the economy, to both educate and inform the nation and the universe.
  • We engage with the tried and tested, the gurus, the experienced, the experts themselves and capture it on camera, social platforms, journals, and our blog page. Our stories are captured at the manufacturing facilities (to give a first sight impression) or on the sites and streets as we love been out there.
  • We serve the global community, yet driven by “SA Inc.” Our goal is to reach out to everyone who has an explicit taste to engage with what we captured. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Technology Providers are on our radar, as they hold the key for many in the entire supply value chain ecosystem.

Many African countries have been on a developmental trajectory for many decades. Lately we have seen most of them developing policies, implementation programmes and various other initiatives meant to grow their economies. We follow many of the stories (good and bad) and capture them for you, so that you can be educated and informed. We take stock of what you like to see, hear about or talk about related to industrialization and localisation. 

Whether you are a government official, academia, student/learner, corporate or manufacturer who is interested in Industrialisation and Localisation engagements and topics, this platform is your first reference point.

If you have a relevant story and you want us to capture it for you, please complete the form below and send it back to us on

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